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Priors Hall Park

Priors Hall Park

Corby, England

Case Studies

Leading Master Developer, Urban & Civic engaged in a huge development including over 5000 homes and 8 play areas in Corby, Northamptonshire. In order to create desirable communities of distinction, Urban & Civic place great value on the creation of Green Spaces to benefit residents – and have partnered with Timberplay to provide high quality play spaces which reflect their values. Named Priors Hall Park, this Corby development required the design and installation of all the play areas, including LEAPS, NEAPS and LAPS, offering play facilities of excellence to benefit the emerging communities, promoting health and wellbeing and building more cohesion across the new residents.

A 965 acre site, Priors Hall Park was a Ironstone Quarry and has an existing outline planning consent for 5,095 units, many of which are now already built and occupied. The development is split into three residential phases with the new homes set within lakes, open parkland and forests.

Timberplay created the design for 8 play areas which are grouped across three distinct areas that are defined by their landscape characters. Each of these groups has an overall theme. The ‘Town Garden’ play area includes play elements such as a Climbing Wall, Hexagonal Swing and Street Acrobats climbing feature. A Riko Railway on a track is loved by Younger children for the role playing.

The ‘Quarry’ site benefits from more landform, integrating great natural play features like mounds and boulders. The materials selection throughout the deign replicates the heritage of the area, including, mining and transporting stone, cooperation, teamwork and much more. A range of digging and transporting equipment is used within a gravel pit to replicate the way in which stone would have been extracted from the Quarry. Boulders are used to great effect throughout the site, and a huge Turning Stone has been utilised, presenting an unusual focal point for the site.

The final landscape character area is known as the ‘Woodland Valley’. The huge Vertical Posts of the Climbing Forest, And the upright posts of the Partner Pendulum, are used to create a woodland feel. blending within the setting. There is also a wheelchair accessible section, with a fully accessible Wheelchair See saw, along side one of  our   Building Site platforms within a Play Gravel Pit. Other exciting play features in this area include the Giant Revolving Disc, Totter Trail and Twin See-Saw

Throughout all the sites there is great provision for children of all ages and abilities, and planting and landform all go to create pleasant community spaces for all.

In addition to these play areas, there are also two dedicated fitness areas, once again designed by Timberplay but utilising Parkletics equipment. Parkletics is an innovative fitness system that works alongside an app, enabling individuals to create their own programs reflective of their capabilities and goals.

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