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Jubilee Gardens Playground

Jubilee Gardens Playground

London, England

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The South Bank is one of the busiest tourist areas in London, with visitors from around the world flocking to enjoy the attractions. In the shadow of the London Eye and round the corner from Big Ben is Jubilee Gardens playground, a contemporary playspace which has been designed to accommodate huge numbers of children at any time.

A clear landmark, the playspace provides the ideal break out spot for families and children, with plenty of seating for adults looking for a rest stop and a huge climbing combination comprising a Timberwood Tangle and Climbing Structure to challenge children to clamber from one end to the other. Equipment has been selected to be able take many children at once, and it also offers levels of graduated risk, so that children can find their own boundaries. This is social play at its finest, as children have to be aware of all other users and negotiate their way along the equipment alongside other users. To add more character to the site, the play space features a flock of wooden sheep, some standing and some resting. The play area was opened as part of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 2012 and was masterplanned by world renowned Architects, West 8.

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