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Hogmoor Inclosure Pyramid Towers

Hogmoor Inclosure

Bordon, Surrey

Case Studies

Hogmoor Inclosure is the UK's third-largest Suitable Area of Natural Greenspace (SANG). Designated as a new community space in, the Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company oversee the management of this expansive 54-hectare blend of woodland and heathland. Tasked with the development, their efforts have successfully transformed the area into a prized community asset. A significant portion of the project has reached completion, resulting in a haven for wildlife. Today, the site attracts visitors for leisurely walks, picturesque picnics, and various recreational activities.

At the core of this lively environment lies a sprawling play area expertly crafted and implemented by Timberplay. Installed in 2017, the play area has now seamlessly integrated into its surroundings, flourishing alongside the natural landscape. Positioned adjacent to a lake, the play zone includes a diverse array of play equipment carefully curated to provide stimulating experiences for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens. Dominating the scene are two interconnected pyramid towers that soar above, offering breath-taking vistas for those daring enough to ascend to the summit before descending down the sleek stainless steel slide.

An expansive sand play area sits seamlessly within this natural setting, offering abundant opportunities for social play. Sand is just one example of the elemental play which abounds within the space, giving children the encouragement and ability they need to immerse themselves in the play landscape. This contact with their play world subsequently serves as a bridge to empower them to explore and play within the wider site beyond the boundaries of our playscape.

 A Toddler See Saw and Wide Slide are ideal for younger children, whereas thrill seekers can fulfil their need for speed on the Zip Wire or Hexagonal Rotating Disc.

These pictures were captured towards the end of 2023 and it is wonderful to see the playground vibrant condition, bringing joy to children, even in the midst of the decidedly chilly weather.