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Our Playground Design Team

Our Playground Design Team

More than just playground designers

We design for risk and challenge. We create memories and adventure. We inspire friendships and communities. We design to create and inspire. We don’t just create playground designs, we design playful places.

We are committed to taking a ‘landscape-led’ approach to the design of play spaces so that play areas provide the greatest range of play opportunities possible, within the context of a welcoming and engaging natural environment always putting the experience of the end customer, the children using the play space, first. We will not compromise on levels of play value over and above aesthetic qualities.

All our designs focus on the development of children in every aspect, from ensuring that spaces offer physical challenge for all ages and abilities, to creating areas for socialising that allow children to develop their communication skills and create friendships. We promote learning through play through connection to nature and our senses, creating play spaces that don't only use our touch but also hearing, smelling and seeing

From concept design to implementation

At any design stage, from concept through to implementation, our talented playground design professionals are able to assist. We can provide various outputs dependant on the project needs from support on existing designs to full landscape plans. Our team get involved with all kinds of production including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Assisting with planning & funding applications
  • Play Scape Master planning
  • Reviewing and value-engineering play space designs
  • Visualisations
  • Construction Drawings
  • Playground Consultation – Including stakeholder engagement and design workshops
  • Play Value Assessments
  • Strategies for play

Every project is different but we are here to help you along the way with our expertise and knowledge. To view some of our projects visit our case studies. To find out more about our process and our design team please use our contact us here

Collaboratively working with Timberplay has been a creative and inspired experience. Their expertise, knowledge and experience are invaluable in contributing towards creating great bespoke designs and high quality landscapes focused around innovative, exciting and inclusive play

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