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Craigie’s Farm

Craigie’s Farm

Edinburgh, Scotland

Case Studies

A landmark project for Timberplay Scotland as their first-ever indoor play project, Little Farmers at Craigie’s Farm is one of  the UK’s most exciting adventure farm parks. The  attraction celebrates rural life and has over 20,000 sqft of indoor and outdoor play including all aspects from towers to water play.

The indoor play offer at Craigie’s is unique and links closely to the heritage of the farm with subtle theming, whilst maintaining maximum play value for the children using the play space. The client, John Sinclair has allowed Play to take centre stage and fully understands the importance of Play Value, Risk and Challenge. As a result, the attraction delivers indoor play like nowhere else.

A large platform combination is at the forefront of the design, with various entrances and exits for children to enjoy. The combination is made up of four different sized and shaped platforms from a 1-metre platform to a large two-metre hexagonal platform. To move and play between the platforms there are various bridges including a rope bridge and a four-metre-long wobbly bridge that at two metres high offers a vantage point for children across the play area. There are multiple playable ways for children to access and exit the combination, including a climbing net, climbing wall, ladders and two different height slides to challenge children of all ages. A conveyor track runs underneath the platforms and bridges using tracks and container wagons to allow children to move loose fruit objects – creating role play opportunities linking to the heritage of the farm.

Numerous sensory items are used in the indoor play area including a distorting mirror and a drawing board to promote the use of the senses through play and learning. Two bespoke fruit and veg Spinners reflect the farm’s values and link to the Play Wall which at over 8 metres long offers children a chance to transport and play with loose play items. At Craigie’s the loose play items are made up of various pretend fruit and vegetables in crates.Children can transport the fruit from floor level up the ladder to the second level and hoists, wheels, pipes and chutes allow them to send the fruit back to their friends on the lower level. A Platform House  is situated across from the play wall and also allows children to move the fruit through chutes and a hoist. The play wall and platform house also offer many opportunities for hiding, climbing and sliding through net, slide and fireman’s pole attachments. A wobble dish, two-storey play house and tractor and trailer make up the last elements in the indoor area and offer imaginative play for younger children.

Craigie’s have also widened their play offer further in the outdoor play area! Here there is a bespoke water play configuration of water trays and troughs, where children can play with water that they generate from the Playground Pump. Whilst being extremely enjoyable for all ages, water play also offers extensive play value for children as it promotes the development of their creativity and imagination, as well as teaching children about the forces of water, how it flows and how to stop it. They learn hand-eye coordination as well as using their senses to touch, see, hear and even smell the water. The farming theme also continues in the outdoor area with a small construction site within the sandpit enabling children to play with sand and move the loose play surface around. There is also a collection of friendly farm animals and a small play house which facilitate further role play and imaginative play opportunities for younger children.

Timberplay Scotland worked collaboratively with a theming company to dress the roofs of the large play structures with architectural elements that reflect the rural landscape further. Although not adding any play value, the theming enhances the aesthetic of the play barn. They also tie the play with the surrounding landscape and farm buildings making it a truly exceptional indoor playground like no other. A children’s illustrator was also commissioned by Timberplay Scotland to create a bespoke mural which runs the full length of the play barn. The beautifully colourful artwork depicts the local landscape, including agricultural fields and the Forth road and rail bridges. The animals and fruit picking associated with the farm are also illustrated in stunning detail…it even includes a very friendly ‘Richter Snail’!

In the famous words of our manufacturer – “Children want to dive into play with all their senses.” The play offered at Craigie’s Little Farmers offers this in abundance and brings a world-class play area to this outstanding attraction.

"We’re delighted with the end result and the continued service offered by Timberplay. Our attraction offers a unique indoor play experience in Scotland and Timberplay have helped us to fulfil the expectations of our customers."

John Sinclair, Owner of Craigies Farm

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