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Meadowhall Shopping Centre

Meadowhall Shopping Centre

Sheffield, England

Case Studies

Meadowhall Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in Yorkshire and comprimises of over 280 major stores and restaurants. The retail centre is a popular destination for customers across the UK, particularly families. The new playground refurbishment has cemented the shopping centre as a key retail destination and has seen thousands of visitors within its first month.

Retailtainment is a key talking point within the retail sector as high streets and shopping centres try to combat the change in shopping trends. It has become increasingly important for shopping centres to offer entertainment and leisure facilities to attract consumers. In line with this, Timberplay delivered a significant refurbishment at Meadowhall Shopping Centre, in Sheffield. Designed to offer a play space with maximum play value for all ages and to increase retention and dwell time, the play space is a landmark project for Timberplay.

The 7-metre pyramid tower mounted on the embankment, accompanied by a tunnel slide, makes for a great stand out feature within the space. An Aquadrat® water play feature including a playground pump and multiple channels and play features offers a chance for children to interact with water and learn how to control the flow. A building site offers another chance for children to play with the elements, whilst funnels and scoops also promote communication between children.