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Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Contracts Manager


Contracts Manager Colin has been an integral member of the Timberplay team since 2001, bringing his unique sense of humour to the installations team back when he was the sum total of the installations team. His childhood was spent travelling round the UK for his Father’s work, and his Timberplay career has carried this family tradition forward. Over the years he has seen many changes at Timberplay, but we must be doing something right as he shows no sign of deserting us – just yet!

With so much time channelling his inner Alan Partridge and living from hotel rooms Colin likes to think of himself of something of a domestic God when returning home. Much to his wife’s delight he makes up for his prolonged absences by going into overdrive with his household chores, taking the hoover for a spin, whipping the duster around and knocking out a mean Sunday lunch. Sounds like everyone is a winner!