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Gong, diameter = 60 cm

Gong, diameter = 60 cm

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Order number: 10.52160

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The skin can also perceive sound. Sound waves, especially those from gongs, are not only perceived by the ear but also by the skin. Every material has its own typical sound. In order to create this sound the material needs to be made into a form typical to this material. The gong, along with the triangle and bells, is a typical design for metal. It consists of a hand-finished metal plate which can be tuned by changing the tension, making particularly pure vibrations audible. The vibrations emitted by the gong are perceived as relaxing and invigorating on the skin and pass right through all the different areas of the body. That is why the gong is also used for therapy.

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Gong, diameter = 60 cm - Order No: 10.52160

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