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Play Value

The Building Site is one of our “work”play offers and provides children withthe opportunity to realistically mimicthe working world of adults. Heavyloads can be moved using rollers, sandor gravel can be tipped into channelsand tubes, a bucket wheel turns aroundand, depending on the model, a tippertray also fills up. Carrying out a jointundertaking fosters creative cooperation.The structure should be installed in abed of sand or gravel. This will allowthe element of earth to be ideallyincorporated into the play activity.

Recommended For

  • kindergarten children
  • schoolchildren
  • supervised play areas such as kindergartens, schools, after-school programmes or similar
  • public areas without supervision, such as playgrounds, parks or similar

Price Enquiry

Building Site 02, made of larch - Order No: L5.02000

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