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Wind Harp

Wind Harp

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Richter Spielgeräte


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Eddy currents which can be observed in water can also be found in a similar form in the air. These invisible phenomena are transformed into a soft heavenly sound by the Wind Harp which is also called the Aeolian Harp. Air is not only the carrier for the sound, but the air vortexes themselves produce sounds. The Aeolian Harp is a stringed instrument resembling a trapezoidal zither which is referred to in many ancient songs and tales. The instrument is turned into the direction of the wind so that it produces sounds. It is a particularly interesting aspect that when the wind is stronger more overtones are produced.

Recommended For

  • schoolchildren
  • young people
  • adults
  • older people
  • public play areas without supervision, such as playgrounds, parks or similar

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Wind Harp - Order No: 10.52500

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