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Jumping discs

Standalone Farm

Letchworth, Hertfordshire

Case Studies

Under the management of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, Standalone Farm serves as a gateway destination for city dwellers seeking access to the countryside. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape, with Pix Brook and the Garden City Greenway running through the site, Standalone Farm is committed to providing a natural and enriching experience for visitors, particularly families. Standalone Farm delivers educational, social, play and leisure opportunities for children, young people and families from Letchworth and surrounding areas, with a strong focus on environmental and financial sustainability.

Due to their proven experience in delivering exceptional natural play spaces, Timberplay secured the work through the LGCHF tender process and worked with Standalone to create a multi-stage play strategy. The first stage was the creation of an impressive adventure play area, with tower combo, hexagonal swing and cradle nest swing, together with a characterful duck family, horses and tractor. Jumping discs and a wide slide provide great social and exciting play, and a hammock provides the perfect spot for gentle rocking.  

More recently they have installed an engaging Water Play area. Set into stone cobbles, the aesthetically pleasing site incorporates a number of channels, pumps and features, for example rubberised dam gates. The design includes the hardwearing cobbles, but also loose pebbles and stones, so children can manipulate the landscape as they wish.

Adding character to the setting, a spinning Wader Bird fits seamlessly within the environment. To ensure comfort during hot summer days, two sail shades have been installed, allowing children to enjoy their play in shade and comfort.

The design of the water play area was influenced in part as a result of a consultation weekend, where local residents were invited onto the site to give feedback on what they were looking for, with the finished installation reflecting the input received. Farm Manager Jason Valentine reflects on the success of the new play areas:-

"The collaboration with Timberplay has allowed us to create play spaces that not only blend seamlessly with the natural landscape but also provide enriching experiences for our visitors. The feedback we've received from both residents and visitors has been overwhelmingly positive, reaffirming our commitment to creating inclusive and engaging play environments for all.

Through their collaboration with Timberplay and a commitment to community engagement, Standalone Farm has successfully enhanced its offering, providing families with memorable experiences that celebrate the beauty of the countryside while fostering a deep connection with nature.