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Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

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Order number: 9.15300

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Play Value

Our ?ic Tac Toe promotes logical thinking and strategic acting. It is played on a vertical playing field where the players can move their turnable timber pieces, after choosen there themes. The player who first manages to line up at least three of their theme horizontally, vertically or diagonally is the winner. If the playing field is completely filled in without either of the players managing to create a row of three, the game is called a draw.

Recommended For

  • Kindergarten children
  • School children
  • Young people
  • Adults
  • Older people
  • Supervised play areas, such as kindergartens, schools, after- school programmes or similar
  • Public play areas without supervision, such as playgrounds, parks or similar

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Tic Tac Toe - Order No: 9.15300

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