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Street Musicians

Street Musicians

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Order number: 9.10010

Richter Spielgeräte


Play Value

The installation „Street Musicians“ is of a high artistic effect and gives a special accent to public places and play areas. The triangular figures are made of stainless steel, have a coloured small head and can be turned around their middle axis. As „hands-on“ sculpture this movement produces a gong-like, deep sound. When several „Musicians“ are installed next to each other, new spaces can be created again and again and interesting views are produced. The rotating bodies make different sounds so that an unusual harmony is created when several are „played“ together.

Recommended For

  • schoolchildren
  • young people
  • adults
  • older people
  • public play areas without supervision, such as playgrounds, parks or similar

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Street Musicians - Order No: 9.10010

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