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Scooping Wheel

Scooping Wheel

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Order number: 5.20880

Richter Spielgeräte


Play Value

This equipment is a nicely shaped water scoop where children can play and observe the flowing characteristics of water. When the wheel is turned around, water is drawn from the basin. The water then pours into the channels on both sides. The water is directed by the channels into the flow dish and is redirected from there into the basin through a water outlet pipe. The water quantity coming into the channels varies with relation to the rotating speed of the wheel. The water can, for example, flow from both sides into the dish so that a constantly changing flow configuration results.

Recommended For

  • kindergarten children
  • schoolchildren
  • public play areas without supervision such as playgrounds, parks or similar
  • waterplay areas without supervision

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Scooping Wheel - Order No: 5.20880

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