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Round Village made of larch

Round Village made of larch

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Order number: 4.10600

Richter Spielgeräte


Play Value

The enchanting Round Village is composed of various little houses arranged in a circle and connected via walkways. They are the perfect setting to inspire a range of different movement activities and role-play. The play area on the large platform, around which the little houses are positioned, is fun to explore, and a slide or one of the bridge elements can be used to get "out of the village" again. The five slim, high palisades also make this object an attraction that can be seen from afar.

Recommended For

  • Kindergarten children
  • School children
  • Young People
  • Puplic play areas without supervision such as playgrounds, parks or similiar
  • Swimming pools without supervision, such as outdoor pools, adventure pools or similar
  • Leisure parks

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Round Village made of larch - Order No: 4.10600

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