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Rotating Disc: Funnel

Rotating Disc: Funnel

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Order number: 10.22200

Richter Spielgeräte


Play Value

The observer gently spins the disc and then takes a step back. Looking at the disc the eye actively and automatically creates complementary and polar counter images. The sense of sight thus fulfils a basic principle of nature: maintaining the unity in a variety of perceptions and thus through this unity maintaining the diversity. As a result of the turning motion of the Rotating Discs, observers see a dynamic penetration of the light and dark rotating parts. This creates surprising, colourful light phenomena.

Recommended For

  • kindergarten children
  • schoolchildren
  • young people
  • adults
  • older people
  • public play areas without supervision, such as playgrounds, parks or similar

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Rotating Disc: Funnel - Order No: 10.22200

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