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"Playgrounds Are for Children" Says Who?

"Playgrounds Are for Children" Says Who?

23 May 2024


The Importance of Multi-Generational Play

Outdoor play holds profound benefits for individuals of all ages and should be universally embraced across generations. The notion that playgrounds are solely for children is increasingly being challenged, as more adults discover the joy and advantages of playful outdoor activities.

The appeal of play for adults is evident in the popularity of assault courses, adult ball pools, soft play areas, and theme parks. These spaces demonstrate that adults, too, can derive immense pleasure and benefits from engaging in playful activities. If adults can enjoy these experiences, why shouldn't they have the opportunity to enjoy playgrounds as well?

Recent initiatives have highlighted the significant mental health benefits that outdoor movement can offer to adults. One such initiative is WildStrong, which offers a collection of online and in-person classes designed to teach lifelong movement skills, foster new friendships, and encourage spending more time outdoors. WildStrong aims to reconnect adults with the joy of movement through engaging and accessible outdoor activities.

Another notable initiative is Parkletics UK, a Sheffield-based project that installs natural outdoor exercise equipment, primarily in collaboration with the Sheffield Hallam Social Science Faculty. Parkletics UK focuses on creating inclusive outdoor fitness spaces that promote physical activity and well-being for all ages.

These initiatives are paving the way for a broader acceptance of multi-generational play. By providing adults with the resources and opportunities to engage in playful movement, we can promote healthier lifestyles and stronger communities.

Looking ahead, it is essential to further develop and support initiatives that encourage playful outdoor movement for adults. The outdoors should be a space where everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy and benefit from playful activities. At Timberplay, we are excited to see how this space evolves and look forward to contributing to a future where outdoor play is universally celebrated.

In conclusion, outdoor play is not just for children. It offers fundamental benefits for people of all ages, and it is time to break down the barriers that limit play to the young. By embracing and expanding initiatives like WildStrong and Parkletics UK, we can create a more inclusive and playful world for everyone.