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Hogshaw Farm

Hogshaw Farm

Claydon Road, Buckingham

Case Studies

Located in rural Buckinghamshire, Hogshaw Farm has been operating as a Farm Park Attraction since 2014, with a strong focus on conservation and outdoor, immerseive fun. Seeking to enhance their offering for visitors, particularly families with children, Hogshaw Farm embarked on a collaboration with Timberplay, to develop a long-term play strategy aligned with their values.

With a shared vision around the use of natural, sustainable materials, Hogshaw Farm and Timberplay set out to create a play area that provided superior stimulation for children of all ages. The result was a thoughtfully designed sand and water play area that maximises play value, but is also sympathetic to the surrounding landscape.

The sand and water play area features an extensive organically shaped sand pit, carefully designed to accommodate a wide range of play activities. Innovative features such as a playground pump and a seesaw pump (the spout of which is ingeniously housed within a barrel) add elements of creativity and physical activity to the space, encouraging social interaction and imaginative play. A climbing stack provides challenging play opportunities with the sand acting as a playable safety surface.

To ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all visitors, Hogshaw Farm incorporated a wheelchair-accessible platform and selected the Building Site product with adaptions, ensuring that children of all abilities could engage with the play area. This commitment to inclusivity reflects Hogshaw Farm's dedication to providing a welcoming and accessible environment for everyone in the community.

Hogshaw have also invested in a huge See Saw Carousel Swing, which is scheduled to be installed later in the year. This impressive piece of kit will deliver high energy dynamic fun for older children and teenagers.

We are delighted with the new sand and water play area as it offers visitors an exciting and creative outdoor play space that works well whatever the weather. We plan to enrich the area further with lots of native planting, encouraging additional biodiversity and further supporting the sensory experience that this sand and water play delivers.

James Preston, Hogshaw Farm and Wildlife Park

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