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Bentley Park Water Play

Bentley Park Water Play

Doncaster, England

Case Studies

Bentley park’s playground is renowned for having the only outdoor water play area in Doncaster. In 2022, Doncaster Council worked with Timberplay to re-design, supply and install the water play features to offer further enjoyment for the local community.

The play is designed for younger children to enjoy with a Mushroom pump situated within a natural boulderscape made up of various-sized boulders and pebbles set within concrete. A Damming Wedge allows children to experiment with water flow down the boulderscape; when closed. The water builds up from the pump for children to open and flood the water down towards the bottom of the channel. A Ball Valve completes the boulderscape, collecting water at the bottom to create a pool; when the ball is moved, the water drains to restart the process.

Alongside the boulderscape is a Forest Fountain, two sizeable vertical round timber posts over 6 metres high that spirt water from the top of the posts down over the children. A long handle pump controls the water at the base of the posts, encouraging children to work together to add weight to the pump, similar to a see-saw to get water to move quicker. A truly great asset to the local community, the water play area has been a hit amongst residents.

Year of Completion: 2022

Client: Doncaster Council

Landscape Design: Timberplay Ltd

Photo Credit: Timberplay Ltd